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    Writing an Application essay is our specialty

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    It is true that writing an application essay is our specialty. We love writing these kinds of essays and rarely do we fail in our endeavors. From helping students write great application essays that have earned them places in the best schools-Yale University, University of California, University of Tokyo, Princeton University, Oxford university, University of California, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University- we can help you join the program of your dreams in an easy process. Whether you want a PhD application essay, Master’s Application essay, University application essay, college application essay, or high school application, we can get your career on a nice trajectory by setting the ground running with a successful application essay. Our record of accomplishment speaks for itself. We have helped students gain entry into their programs of choices; they are now either in school or have graduated and are now gainful employed and respectable citizens of their respective countries. If you are struggling, writing an application essay it is best you get help from one of our expert writers and enhance your chances of gaining that admission.

    A great application essay can just tilt the balance for you

    A recent check with admission officers with the leading universities reveals that a third to almost a half of the decision to admit a student (or not) is dependent on the content, writing, and expression as articulated on this one document-an application essay. This does not sound like good news- certainly not to those students who are not very good with writing essays. Owing to the rising competition for limited schools, and largely, over commercialization of education, gaining entry into college or university is not solely dependent on how bright and impressive your academic transcripts are. You have to write an entrance essay, and be good at that. You might wonder why the hell? I am not even applying to a program that requires much writing? I want to pursue a medical program. It could even be computer science, math, or biostatistics. Still you must write an application essay. This is because there are probably tenth folds of applicants with similar qualifications applying for very limited slots, especially if you are targeting those Ivy League schools.

    “Its choice not chance that determines your destiny” (Jean Nidetch)

    Our admission essay writers can enhance your chances for selection by writing a good application essay for you, which in particular addresses three key elements the admission essay looks out for in any application:

    1. Why are you interested in the program? Professionals with a keen eye for details, they will paint a candid picture of how your interest in the program is an attribute of experiences, whether personal, academic, or professional, and how they dovetail nicely with your dreams and future career prospects.
    2. Why this particular program? Eclectic and action oriented, our writers will conduct background check on the applied program and discover what is special about the faculty, the curricula, placement, and facilities, and present a compelling picture of how your academic and future career aspirations are best realized through the program.
    3. What is special about your application? Masters at reading in between the lines, our writers will paint a holistic picture of an astute, easily motivated aspiring intellectual who has, and continues to learn from past experiences, and who desires to progress at an academic, personal, and professional front.

    Buy university/college application essay and learn with the best minds…

    When you buy an application essay here, whether for college, university, or high school application, we follow a methodical approach to developing an excellent essay so that the admission board has in their hands the potential student they are looking for. We will first conduct a background check on the program applied so that we can then present a draft that resonates with the schools beliefs, values, and philosophies. We will then write an application essay that captures the essence of your academic and career aspiration, portrays you nicely as a student who will contribute at all academic and social fronts, makes wise use of available resources, graduate in time, and be worthwhile alumni and an inspiration to future applicants.

    Contact us today to buy an application essay, whether you want to join college or university. We have experts who have made writing an application essay their specialty.

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